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Pacer DA420 Anemometer

Pacer  DA420
Item # DA420
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Probe Head:


Rotating Vane Probe with built-in RTD temperature
Flow measurement from 40 to 7800 feet per minute accurate to 1%
Temperature measurement from -4F to 212F accurate to 0.3%
Industrial Grade Instrument and Probe for Harsh Environments
Large display with backlight
Easy to use keypad
Displays measurements in FPM, MPS, F,C
Many other features such as sample averaging

Options Available:
Protective Boot and Splash-Proof Seal
USB communications
RS232 communications
Analog 0-5 Volt output
Additional probes
Custom cable lengths
Auxiliary RTD temperature probes

Choosing the right Rotating Vane Probe:
Air Probe AP275: 40 to 7800 ft/min(feet per minute), 0.2 to 40.00 m/sec (meters per second)
Air Probe AP100: 300 to 6890 ft/min (feet per minute), 1.5 to 35.00 m/sec(meters per second)

Calculated Air Volume Flow for DA410, DA420, DA430:
0.0 to 9999 ft3/min (cubic feet per minute)
0.0 to 9999 m3/hr (cubic meters per hour)

AP275: 1.0% of reading 1 digit
AP100: 0.5% full scale + 0.75% of reading (which is not as accurate as +/- 1.0% of of reading)

For example: At 300 ft/min:
AP275 is accurate to +/- 3 ft/min.
AP100 is accurate to +/- 36.69 ft/min

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