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Foam Box Warmer

FBW60 Spray Foam Box Warmer
FBW15 Spray Foam Box Warmer


This patented heat spreading technology is the most energy efficient method of distributing heat to the entire blanket surface, providing a uniform barrier of insulated heat for superior temperature control and freeze prevention.


Powerblanket spray foam kit warmers are lightweight and very portable, providing fast and effective heat for boxed and cylindrical foam kits. Designed to heat and maintain temperature in a variety of products including caulk, paint, chemicals, polyurea, and other temperature sensitive items.

Common uses:
  • Heat Portable Spray Foam Kit Boxes & Cylinders
  • Maintain Constant Temperature While Spraying
  • Warm Caulking, Paints, & Work Supplies
  • Heat Hoses, Nozzles, Guns, and Equipment
  • Used by Roofers, Insulators, and Manufacturers
  • UL/CSA safety certified

Effective on the Following Brands and Models of Portable and/or Disposable Spray Foam Kits: Fomo Tiger Foam Handi-Foam CPI Fomo DOW Versi-Foam Foam-It and many more!

Powerblanket's line of heated enclosures are the most efficient method for warming and maintaining temperature in portable spray foam kits, boxes, cylinders, caulking, and other temperature sensitive construction materials. The Spray Foam Industry now has a viable solution for heating their materials and protecting equipment from freezing temperatures in cold weather environments.

Powerblanket Spray Foam Kit Warmers are wrap around enclosures that deliver a barrier of insulated heat to spray foam and other products, creating an optimal application environment. Contractors and spray foam applicators can now work all season long without the hassles of cold weather work delays and spoiled product.
  • Top Lid For Easy Product Access
  • Weatherproof and Water Resistant
  • Best Solution for Viscosity & Flow Control
  • Maximum Freeze Protection to -40°F/-40°C
  • Insulated Full Wrap Design - Keeps Heat In & Cold Out
  • Safe on a Wide Variety of Materials
  • Certified to UL / CSA / ETL Safety Standards

Foam Box Warmer