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American Plumber (Ametek)

American Plumber (Ametek)American Plumber has a durable line of professional grade products designed to exacting standards, Wales can provide families with clean and good-tasting water. The American Plumber comprehensive line of filtration products, installed by professionals, can take care of a wide range of water problems, including hardness, sediment, bad taste and odor, lead and other impurities like cysts and volatile organic chemicals

Your Water, Did You Know

Hard water:
Hard water contains a large amount of the dissolved minerals, calcium and magnesium. Hard water is very common in American households and may have undesirable effects on your water-using appliances, your skin and hair, and your household plumbing.

Sediment can give water a cloudy appearance. Substances such as sand, silt, rust and scale particles may severely wear on plumbing and household appliances. With an American Plumber filter, you know your water will be properly filtered.

Taste and Odor:
While water that smells or tastes unpleasant may not be unhealthy, it often is undesirable to drink. Poor tasting water can adversely affect the taste of your food and beverages. Buying an American Plumber product will help your water taste and smell more like water and less like it shouldn't.

Many public water systems use chlorine as a disinfecting agent to kill pathogenic bacteria or other potentially harmful organisms. While chlorine is important in effectively treating water, it may cause your water to take on a strong taste and odor.

Hydrogen Sulfide:
Well water often emits a “rotten-egg” odor that results from hydrogen sulfide gas. In addition to making your water smell unpleasant, hydrogen sulfide gas may also corrode plumbing fixtures.

Waterborne protozoan cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium may be present in some water supplies. When ingested, the cyst-shell is shed and the organisms may infect the intestines. Because Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts are resistant to traditional disinfection agents such as chlorine and chloramine, the organisms may not be totally removed by municipal water treatment.

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs):
These and other synthetic organic chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides, may enter the water supply through agricultural or industrial run-off, or as a by-product of chlorination. VOCs are suspected of causing certain health problems.

Both tasteless and odorless, lead can leach into the water supply through the corrosion of lead pipes and solder used in older homes and water distribution systems. High levels of lead have been linked to developmental delays in children and elevated blood pressure in adults.

American Plumber (Ametek)